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      Global English

      Fine Fiber Technology opens a new path to
      the future in cosmetics
      and medical science

      Fine Fiber technology is a revolutionary new technology that creates a supple, ultra-thin membrane on the surface of the skin.


      We will continue searching for future applications in the medical and therapeutic fields to help those
      suffering from various skin problems.


      A layered ultra-thin membrane made of superfine fiber

      Fine Fiber technology was inspired by the electrospinning method used in crafting non-woven fabric. A superfine fiber, less than one micrometer in diameter (1/100 the diameter of a human hair), is spun onto the target surface in layers. This creates a light, soft, and ultra-thin membrane.


      Dramatically boosted performance of skin care products

      The layered, ultra-thin membrane is supple enough to mold and move flexibly with the skin. Its outstanding capillary action* distributes skin care products quickly and evenly throughout the membrane and retains them firmly. The skin, however, is not completely sealed off, and an appropriate level of moisture permeability is maintained.

      • * The ability of a liquid to flow between narrow spaces.

      How an ultra-thin membrane is formed.

      Commercialization starting with skin care

      A small, high-performance device has been developed that embodies the essence of Fine Fiber Technology. This has already been introduced in Kao's est and Kanebo's SENSAI skincare lines.


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