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      Global English

      Kao Group Mid-term Plan 2025 "K25"

      Kao Group
      Mid-term Plan 2025




      The Kao Group has developed the Kao Group Mid-term Plan 2025 "K25", covering the five-year period from fiscal 2021 to 2025, for the realization of an enriched sustainable world.
      By contributing to an "enriched sustainable world" and growing the businesses of the company through proactive engagement in ESG activities and investment, the Kao Group will aim to be an essential company in a future world.



      Sustainability as the only path



      Kirei—Making Life Beautiful


      Policy of the K25

      Objective 1
      Become an essential company in a sustainable world


      Take leadership in a self-propelling sustainable society
      (ESG Investment = Reflection of future earnings)

      Key Results

      - Carbon recycling
      (Conversion of carbon dioxide into raw materials)

      - Positive recycling
      (Creation of new business through re-use)

      - Stop pandemic
      (Eradicate the source of infectious diseases)

      Objective 2
      Transform to build robust business through investment


      Create another Kao and reinforce current Kao
      (Expand global business by focusing on saving lives)

      Key Results

      - New Business:
      Launch digital and precision healthcare business
      (high-precision bioanalysis and homeostasis enhancement solution)

      - Current Business:
      Invest in outstanding products development and expand business

      - Cosmetics Business, Sanitary Business:
      Pursue next innovation

      Objective 3
      Maximize the power and potential of employees


      Double the productivity of our business activities?
      (Make challenges visible and pursue open innovation)

      Key Results

      - Fair compensation according to challenge and contribution?
      (implementation of OKR* globally)

      - Active promotion of talent from outside Kao and doubling the results of collaboration

      - Reform to become "digital Kao" to be completed by 2023

      • * Objectives and Key Results:
        New employee empowerment system to be launched in January 2021
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